Fuel Efficient Honda Models Heading to China

A country with over one billion people, China, has (not surprisingly) some of the lowest air quality on the planet. In order to help combat this, Honda Motor Co. is shipping over three new 'green' variants of their models for 2012.

Two possible variants headed to Chinese dealers could include Honda Civic CNG (compressed natural gas), and the Honda Fit EV, which is available only in Japan at this time.

Honda's hope is to sell more fuel-efficient models in China for better sales, but to also fall in with the country's new tough emission standards. The Japanese auto maker also increased funds for research and development of hybrids in that country.

"China's emission standards will be one of the strictest in the world going forward," Seiji Kuraishi, Head of China operations, said recently. "If we don't increase the number of green cars here, it would be hard to grow sales."1

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