The Honda Fit Wins Rallys

Who knew the Honda Fit hatchback was such a rally racing machine? And what's even better is that you can test drive the very same car at Lujack Honda is .Called "Jazz" in other countries, the Honda Fit is winning countless rally championships in Australia. The Honda rally team of Eli Evans and Glen Weston, along with Mark Pedder and Claire Ryan in a second Honda car, took first place at Rally Calder, battling both poor driving conditions and weather.

At one point during the race the second Honda car suffered transmission problems, "We were just coming through a fairly tight second gear corner and heard a big bang. Initially I thought it was a drive shaft, then we lost a bit of drive and then it locked in third, so we puddled our way through the stage."1

"Our strategy was to keep the Jazz on the road. It sounds easy but it really wasn't," added Eli Evans. "Your braking markers were different every time and I just wanted to make sure I was pushing the brake pedal early to see what kind of grip we had so I could slow the car down and get through and on to the next corner without going wide or cutting in too much."2

If the Honda Fit can handle all that, what can it do for you, besides get exceptional gas mileage and prove to be an awesomely fun car to drive? Come on down to Lujack Honda and take a test drive to see for yourself!



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