NEWS: Honda Strengthens its Muscles in China

All of our devoted Honda fans may be well aware of this development, but new Honda drivers may just be getting their feet wet in the latest Honda news.  Global development for Honda is getting stronger. Once area adding to this strength is China, we can almost call this a re-strength effort.  Honda has been working hard to regain their strength in China after a brief territorial spat between the region and Japan.  Our team at Lujack Honda , are happy to share with you that this strong determination to create a Honda niche amongst the Chinese is working once again.

How did Honda become successful in creating this niche?  It all came down to creating and putting forth a strong campaign to introduce several new Honda vehicles within the area. At a recent international auto show based in China, Honda arrived with concrete plans to bring both the Honda Insight and the Honda Fit Hybrid to market. In order to reduce the cost of buying a hybrid, the brand is even talking about starting production locally.

Providing a bit of background on the decision, Seiji Kuraishi, President of Honda Motor Investment Co., says, "Since Honda began automobile business in China in 1998, our cumulative number of customers here has exceeded 4.2 million. Honda will further strengthen collaboration with our two local partner take our roots even deeper into China and strive to become a brand of choice for Chinese customers."1

Interested in learning more about the Fit or the Insight?  Stop by our Honda dealership in Davenport, IA, and our team would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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