Honda Fit EV Recieves Fuel Economy Rating

It's hard for us, and hopefully not for you either, to not get super excited about the new Honda lineup. And if you're excited about that, you might just be tickled pink to learn that the EPA has granted the 2013 Honda Fit EV with an official fuel economy rating. 

You might be wondering exactly how a fuel economy rating is given to an electric vehicle, and so were we. Since the vehicle doesn't run on chemical fuel, the EPA rated the vehicle based upon a 'miles per gallon equivalent' - MGPe - rating. This included a total driving range that the vehicle can travel on just a single charge.

So what do the numbers look like?That said, here's how the 2013 Honda Fit EV fared with the Environmental Protection Agency's new electric mileage rating system. With a 20 kWh battery under the hood, it travels at a rate of 118 MPGe. And its total driving range? That would be 82 miles.

These numbers might not seem super great at first glance, but they are in fact the best ratings any electric vehicle has ever earned. By comparison, the second-place i-MiEV travels at a rate of four MPGe less and has a total driving range of almost twenty fewer miles.

Eager to take the 2013 Honda Fit EV for a test drive? Availability will be limited for some time. Honda wants to test how well an all-electric vehicle will be received by a select group of dealerships on the west coast before branching availability out into the rest of the country. 

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