Honda Sales Up Over Last April

It's always a nice thing when sales are strong and here at Lujack Honda we are excited to share with you that not only were sales strong they were in fact up by over 9% when compared to April of last year. We are glad to see that more drivers are interested in driving a new Honda vehicles both here in Davenport and across the US.So what could have sparked this increased interest? We're sure the economy has something to do with it, but we're also sure another part of the equation is the exceptional models Honda has put out this year.

For example, the 2012 Honda CR-V , which saw a redesign for this model year, brought in the highest sales figures ever for the month of April. With 23,627, it marked a 22.6-percent increase over April of last year.

Next up there is the best selling midsize sedan from the automaker - the 2012 Honda Accord. This vehicle might be the strongest force in the Honda lineup, it sold 35,385 units in April of 2012. Which is a whopping 41.3% increase from April of last year.

And most impressive of all, that wasn't even the largest sales increase yet. Enter the 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid. At only 766 units sold last month, it might not seem all that impressive, but that's because interest in the compact hybrid is just starting to pick up. Compared to April of last year, the Honda Civic Hybrid has marked an incredible 612-percent increase in sales.

It's not difficult to see what drives people to purchase a new Honda vehicle. With style, fuel economy and a wide variety of models to chose from, there is practically a Honda vehicle for everyone. Honda is working hard to make sure its lineup lives up to the hype that's spread by not just its marketing team, but also through word of mouth by customers. Come in and see the fruits of their labor for yourself at Lujack Honda in Davenport today.

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